Goodbye But Not Farewell: A Sign-Off & Introduction from the Western New York Observer

By: James Sinner, Editor & Owner, Western New York Observer

Borrowing from one wiser than myself, Heraclitus, an influential philosopher to the writings of Plato: “There is nothing permanent except change.” It seems that in accordance with this principle, the winds of change have set upon the Western New York Observer.

What exact change is taking place?  The website and Facebook page will be directed towards photography-based content, but before I get to that, I would like to share a heartfelt message with every single reader; some special appreciation for members of communities I have covered, and the ultimate unraveling of my reasons for this change.

First and foremost, I have loved every moment covering news in Niagara and Orleans Counties.  I grew up in Medina. I lived in Lockport, Sanborn, and Niagara Falls during college.  Currently, I am a resident of Lockport.  This area is my home, and I’m quite proud of that fact.  So, seeing residents appreciate and engage with locally oriented content I created, it was a dream come true.  On so many stories, in between the more generic press release updates, (which I believe are important), I invested as much of myself as I could to bring you community-based content.  I truly hope for some of you I hit the mark, and on an occasion or two, enriched your day with a nice local story.

Now, to more gratitude, for everyone who worked with me on providing local news in this part of Western New York.  There are too many politicians, law enforcement officials, business owners, and community members to name individually who have worked with me – at one time or another – in providing you with a local story.  Without the cooperation and grace of all these people, reporting on any topic is literally impossible.  So, emphatically, I thank you all.  I look forward to working with you in the future, regardless of the publication.

As for my personal reasoning, sometimes you need a change.  My changes are pending, but I am hoping to be up and writing elsewhere in due time.  I’ll make sure to give updates on where you can find my work.

In wrapping the proverbial bow, I must say, my greatest blessing in this whole experience was the experience itself.  Thank you all.  Stay tuned for local photography!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye But Not Farewell: A Sign-Off & Introduction from the Western New York Observer

  1. I wish you all the best in your new endeavors.
    Not only are you an excellent journalist, but you also take some really great photos.


  2. Best of Luck in future endeavors!!!!! I enjoyed working with you!! Job Well Done!!! Rick

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