Niagara County Announces Project Awareness Pharmacy Label Campaign

Aims to Prevent Overdoses and Save Lives

The Niagara County Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (NCDMH), in partnership with the Niagara County Opioid Task Force (OASIS) and local pharmacies, today announced the launch of a campaign to provide the Niagara County Crisis Services 24-Hour phone line number on prescription medications that have a high potential for abuse and overdose. The goal is to raise awareness that help is available – any time, any day – for individuals who may have substance use concerns or may be considering taking the medications with an intent to harm themselves. 

 “With substance abuse and drug overdoses continuing to be an epidemic in our community, negatively impacting various facets of life for individuals, families and the community at large, we must do all we can together to address this public health crisis,” said Myrla Gibbons Doxey, NCDMH Deputy Director and Co-Chair of the Niagara County Opioid Task Force Public Awareness / Involvement Subcommittee. 

Laura Kelemen, NCDMH Director said, “No one should have to face life’s most difficult challenges alone and it’s crucial that our communities know that there are people available to reach out to that can help make a positive impact on, and potentially save, their lives.” 

When approached with the idea of partnering to provide Crisis Services information on targeted prescription medications, all ten (10) local pharmacies quickly stepped up to be a part of this project. Those pharmacies are as follows: 


  • Degiulio’s Pharmacy, 220 Portage Road 


  • Family Pharmacy Plus, 320 S. Transit Road
  • Lockport Apothecary, 6606 Lincoln Avenue


  • The Medicine Shoppe located at 2780 S. Main Street 

Niagara Falls area

  • Community Medical Pharmacy at 918 Michigan Avenue
  • Niagara Apothecary at 8745 Niagara Falls Boulevard
  • Wellness Park Pharmacy at 8672 Buffalo Avenue 

North Tonawanda:

  • Wurlitzer Family Pharmacy located at 521 Division Street


  • Pendleton Star Pharmacy,6503 Campbell Boulevard


  • Summit Park Pharmacy, 2578 Niagara Falls Boulevard, suite 100

Niagara County Legislator Owen Steed, Co-Chair of the Niagara County Opioid Task Force Public Awareness/Involvement Subcommittee said, “We really appreciate these local pharmacies who are going the extra mile to help our local citizens. I’m looking forward to when all Niagara County pharmacies have the Crisis Services phone number on their prescription medications to help those in need.”

It is anticipated that approximately 360,000 labels will be placed on prescription medications over the course of the next year through the Project Awareness effort.

The Niagara County Crisis Services 24-Hour phone line, (716)  285-3515, operates every hour of every day of the year providing free, confidential support, guidance, referral and/or intervention to anyone experiencing mental health and/or substance use related concerns. 

(Editor’s Note:  Attached is a picture of a pill bottle with the new label.)