Lockport Mayor Announces Approval of July 4th Fireworks at Outwater Park, Display Launching from Aaron Mossell School North Campus

LOCKPORT – Mayor Michelle Roman announced today, in an agreement between the Lockport City School District and Lockport’s Common Council, that fireworks will take place at Outwater Park on July 4th. The display will be launched from the Aaron Mossell School at the North Park Campus.

Mayor Roman remarked on the agreement. “The resolution for fireworks on July 4th at Outwater Park was approved at last night’s council meeting. The city school district approved our use of their grounds at the newly named Aaron Mossell School at the North Park campus for the fireworks setup by the contractor. Our Police and Fire Departments are prepared to be on hand for safety, as well.”

Roman says those watching must maintain a reasonable distance from the grounds for safety reasons.

Additionally, Passaic Ave will be closed from Green to Corinthia, and Corinthia will be closed from Prospect to Trowbridge.

Roman added, “We love that we can do this again and hope it is a time of joy and reflection on our country’s birth and growth. Also, as fireworks maybe allowed by the state of New York now, but remember that the legal ones cannot leave the ground. Be respectful of your neighbors with new babies, pets, or PTSD when you are choosing to use fireworks, as well.”