Orleans County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes New Hires

ORLEANS COUNTY – Sheriff Christopher M. Bourke today introduced six (6) new employees that have been hired in 2021. The Orleans County Legislature, led by Chairman Lynne Johnson, allowed the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office to use the Legislature Chambers for a ceremonial event marking the occasion. 

The new employees are as follows: Deputy Sheriff James White, Correction Officer Kyle Strickland, Deputy Sheriff George Barton, Correction Officer Jenna Raglan, Public Safety 911 Dispatcher Robin Boyle,  Public Safety 911 Dispatcher Amy Strickland.

Orleans County Clerk Nadine Hanlon performed the Oath of Office, while Sheriff Bourke, Jail Superintendent Scott Wilson, and Communications Coordinator Allen Turner assisted. 

Chairman Johnson, on behalf of all the Legislators, expressed her deep appreciation for the work performed by members of the Sheriff’s Office during these difficult times.  Chairman Johnson reiterated the continuing commitment of the Orleans County Legislature to provide the Sheriff’s Office with the resources necessary in keeping Orleans County safe and secure.

Sheriff Bourke thanked all in attendance, and wished the new hires well. He also thanked the County Legislature for their continuing support. “I consider myself very lucky to live in a community that supports law enforcement agencies,” Bourke said.