Niagara County Officially Opens Parks on Saturday, New Animal-Themed Playground Installed at Oppenheim Park

NIAGARA COUNTY – Niagara County will officially open its five county parks for the season on Saturday, May 29, 2021.  The county operates five parks – Burmaster, Krull, Oppenheim, Royalton and West Canal.  All amenities in the parks including playgrounds, shelters and splash pads as well as the disc golf course at Burmaster Park are ready to go.

“Compared to where we were one year ago when the park openings were delayed and amenities were limited because of the pandemic, it’s exciting to fully open our parks for the season on time and welcome Niagara County residents to enjoy all that they have to offer this Memorial Day weekend,” said Becky Wydysh, Chairman of the Niagara County Legislature.  “Thank you to Public Works Commissioner Garret Meal, Parks Director Jeff Gaston and the parks team for getting everything ready.”

The park opening announcement was highlighted by the installation of new playground equipment at Oppenheim Park that has a wild animal theme.  

“The playground is a nod to history for those of us old enough to remember when the park was next to Oppenheim Zoo,” said Legislator Jesse Gooch.  “I want to acknowledge the work of Frank Rotella, Parks Supervisor and his team for the playground installation and surrounding site work.  County workers were able to do this work at a fraction of what it would have cost to hire an outside contractor.  I also want to thank our State Senator, Rob Ortt, for delivering the grant money that made the new playground possible.”

Niagara County Public Works Commissioner Garret Meal said he expects county parks will see heavy usage this year and is especially proud of the disc golf course at Burmaster Park which has received tremendous national recognition.

“The Bond Lake Disc Golf Course at Burmaster Park is rated number one in New York State and number 33 in the world by, the leading site and app for disc golfers,” said Meal.  “I hear all the time how this is tremendous gem in our parks system that attracts people from all over to come play.”

FEATURE PHOTO: Pictured from left to right at the new Oppenheim playground: DPW Commissioner Garret Meal, Park Director Jeff Gaston, Legislator Jesse Gooch and Parks Supervisor Frank Rotella.

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  1. New playground is exciting but not all inclusive to children with disabilities and/or physical deterrents
    Planners need to be more aware !!!!

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