Author’s Note Opens New Chapter for Local Readers in Medina

MEDINA – Julie Berry, a native of Medina and acclaimed youth fiction writer, is excited for the opportunity to connect readers with authors in her beloved hometown.  “I was born and raised in Medina, so this is my hometown. When I saw that the bookstore was coming on the market for sale, I moved back from L.A. to buy it,” Berry remarked in an interview on the store’s opening. 

Author’s Note, formerly ‘The Book Shoppe’, has been extensively redesigned to provide a more open space for shoppers to browse and relax.  Some of these changes include, ripping down two layers of dropped ceiling; removing old carpeting and tile to utilize the wood floors; and the removal of walls from small rooms and closets, expanding the location’s size and ability to comfortably take in shoppers. 

Berry remarked on the building’s revamp, “When we open our full-space, we will have some furniture for kids to sit and read as well.  I really do want it to be a place where people can come and pass the time, have a cup of coffee, and just enjoy themselves.” She added, “We have put a lot of work in and created an entirely different feeling and space.”

Apart from the physical changes to the store, Berry says she has modernized operations with a fully functional website. While maintaining the charm of a local bookstore, the option for ordering audio books or eBooks, or to order delivery of books is now available.

Berry says the part that excites her most, being able to connect authors and writers for meaningful discussion. “That’s a big part of what I see Author’s Note being all about, bringing authors into the community, connecting authors and readers, and making authors altogether more accessible to the those who read their work.” She added, “I would just say we are thrilled to be Medina’s bookstore, and we believe that Medina is a community committed to shopping local.”

Author’s Note is located at 519 Main Street in Medina, N.Y. To learn more about their operations, upcoming events, and options for purchasing books, click here: Author’s Note (

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