Niagara County Sheriff’s Office and Office for the Aging to Issue Senior ID Cards

NIAGARA COUNTY – The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office and the Office for the Aging have partnered to offer free Senior ID Cards to any Niagara County resident 60 years of age and older.  These cards will display a picture and identifying information similar to a driver’s license on the front, and will list two emergency contacts and pertinent medical information on the back.  The program will be launching on June 10th, with ID cards offered the second Tuesday of every month thereafter.

“Whether it’s a missing person case, a medical issue or some other emergency situation, these ID cards can be invaluable in providing help to a person in distress,” said Niagara County Sheriff Michael Filicetti.

According to Filicetti, the Sheriff’s Office will not be storing people’s personal data.  The information provided by residents who receive a Senior ID is printed right on the card and the cardholder will need to update it as necessary.

“We are excited to be providing this free service to Niagara County’s seniors,” said Darlene DiCarlo, Director of the Office for the Aging.  “It’s imperative that first-responders have access to timely medical information and emergency contacts for seniors that this ID provides.  Plus, for those seniors who are no longer driving, it is important to have photo identification.”

DiCarlo said those who wish to receive a card must contact Deputy Director Kara Donovan of the Niagara County Office for the Aging by Thursday June 3, 2021 to provide the information they would like listed on the card. An appointment will then be scheduled for a photo at the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday June 10, 2021 between 10am and 3pm.  Residents must bring proof of their name, address and date of birth, as the county will follow NYS DMV requirements for proof of identity.  Deputy Director Donovan can be reached at (716) 438-3069, or