Legislator Andres Addresses New York State’s Continuing Mask Mandates: “What happened to follow the science and trust the experts?”

NIAGARA COUNTY – Rich Andres, Niagara County’s 8th District Legislator and Economic Development Chairman, addressed yesterday Governor Cuomo’s decision to continue certain mask mandates now being discarded by the CDC. Expressing frustration and confusion, Legislator Andres released the following statement:

“For well over a year, we have been told to follow the science, follow the guidelines, listen to the experts.  Many of us have done just that, regardless of some of the inconsistent policy decisions or questionable guidelines like dancing in your own square at weddings.  We did this because we cared about keeping ourselves and others safe and getting our lives back to normal as quickly as possible. 

“As Chairman of the Niagara County Economic Development Committee, I have witnessed firsthand how the pandemic and the strict guidelines have wreaked havoc on business across all communities.  Many have done all they can to hang on and some, unfortunately, have not made it.   

“Thankfully, we have turned a corner and the CDC is telling Americans to take off the masks.  Yet Governor Cuomo apparently needs to study it, review it, sleep on it and talk about it with others before he will take the CDC guidance.  What happened to follow the science and trust the experts? 

“The residents, businesses and elected leaders of Niagara County are calling on Governor Cuomo to immediately adopt the CDC guidelines on masks.  The Governor was able to close the entire state down in a matter of days.  Lifting the mask mandate should not take much thought and is long overdue.”