Niagara County Technical Rescue Team Rehearses Confined Space Training

LEWISTON — The Niagara County Technical Rescue Team recently practiced their confined space rescue training during an exercise held at the Lewiston Water Pollution Control Center. Team members lowered two rescuers to a “victim” on a lower level while wearing harnesses and an escape SCBA, with airlines supplying breathing air and a hardwired communication system.

The team is comprised of volunteer members from Niagara and Erie County and is trained and equipped for high angle rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench collapse rescue, building collapse rescue and water rescue. The team practices twice a month to stay efficient in skills.

Furthermore, the team was formed to provide specialized response capabilities to the fire companies operating in Niagara County, the surrounding Counties, and New York State on a mutual aid basis.  The Technical Rescue Team is also trained for structural collapse and with heavy machinery.  They have quick response equipment from the Niagara County Emergency Management Office for all disciplines.

(Members of the Niagara County Technical Rescue Team partake in confined space training at the Lewiston Water Pollution Control Center.)

The basic pre-requisite to join is the Rescue Technician Basic Rope Class or its equivalent. Applications are available on-line or at the Emergency Management Office. For more information, visit the Niagara County Technical Rescue Team here: Niagara County Emergency Services > Fire Service > Technical Rescue Team.

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