Initial Allocation of 21,000 Vaccines for SUNY Residential and Non-Commuter Students; 14,000 For Private Colleges

Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that New York State will provide a new, separate allocation of 35,000 vaccines to address the college student population at SUNY schools and private colleges. This initial allocation will include 21,000 vaccines to be administered to SUNY students and 14,000 vaccines to be administered at private colleges. The vaccines will be administered to residential and non-commuter students who are leaving for the summer.

The Governor also announced that the new direct vaccine allocation will, in part, be administered to SUNY students at the state-run mass vaccination sites at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood and at SUNY Old Westbury in Old Westbury, both on Long Island. Students can make appointments through their schools. These new allocations will allow New York State to more efficiently vaccinate the college student population in partnership with the state’s medical providers.

Governor Cuomo remarked on the decision. “We still have to be diligent and affirmative, and we have to get the vaccine in people’s arms. Yes, the vaccine can win the war, but the vaccine has to be in an arm. Young people are a focus for us now. The infection [share] among young people is going up. It was about nine percent, it’s up to about 13 percent now. Why? Well, we were focusing on older people, that was the priority. Science says that younger people deal with it better, true, that’s all true. But the numbers are going up. We have to get people vaccinated.”