BOCES Health Occupation Technician Students Completing Clinical Hours at Absolut Care in Gasport

Health Occupation Technician (HOT) students, at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center (OCTEC), have been completing their clinical hours at Absolut Care of Gasport. Teacher Courtney Slack says she and co-teacher Rebecca Mahar-Price feel it is imperative to the success of their students that they experience direct patient care before completing their program.

“The healthcare field is growing exponentially and our community depends on well-trained and a fully prepared workforce,” said Slack. “We feel it is our duty to teach our students to be employable in the nursing field, which includes compassion, commitment and confidence.”

The teachers believe the clinical experience helps to bring those attributes together to make their students immediately employable upon graduation and gain their certification as a nursing assistant. Slack added to her statement about the program, “We are extremely grateful to have had so much support this year from both our OCTEC center, as well as Absolute Care of Gasport, to make this experience happen in the face of a pandemic.”