Medina Memorial Hospital Utilizes $40K Lyndonville Area Foundation Grant, Funding Goes Towards Lab Equipment

Lyndonville Area Foundation awarded $40,000 to Orleans Community Health Foundation this week, purchasing a new coagulation analyzer for Medina Memorial Hospital.  Marc Shurtz, CEO at Orleans Community Health, says this upgraded machinery will help the hospital’s laboratory deal with more blood samples, faster. “This one is more efficient.  With the COVID situation, we have been getting more and more scripts for coagulation.”

Darren Wilson, President at Lyndonville Area Foundation, says MMH provides a necessary resource for outlying communities.  “This particular contribution to Orleans Community Health Foundation, at some point, it’s going impact Lyndonville.”  The Lyndonville-based foundation, while making most contributions to the Lyndonville and Yates area of Orleans County, feels donations like these are important to preserving resources important to the entire county.  In the past, they have granted such donations to organizations like Orleans Community Action, Ministry for Concern, Hands for Hope, P.Raising Kids and others.

Additionally, Wilson reported that with this latest donation to OCH, Lyndonville Area Foundation has broken the million-dollar mark in grant funding and donations from January 2001 – January 2021.

Heather Smith, Executive Director at Orleans Community Health Foundation, initially applied for grant funding from the Lyndonville Area Foundation in January, which was approved one month later.  “They have been a major contributor to our organization on many of our larger projects.”  Smith added, “Their continued support and dedication to the hospital is a true example that we are stronger together.” 

According to Lab Director Suzana Galic, this upgraded technology will help with increases for testing of clotting properties because of COVID-19 this past year.  The lab in Medina Memorial Hospital currently performs over 210,000 different lab tests for approximately 19,8000 unique patients annually.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Marc Shurtz, Orleans Community Health CEO; Darren Wilson, President of Lyndonville Area Foundation; Heather Smith, Executive Director of Orleans Community Health Foundation; Jeanne Crane, OCH Foundation Board President; and Suzana Galic, Director of Laboratory Services.