NIAGARA COUNTY: Chairman Wydysh, “There is not a vaccine distribution problem, there is a vaccine supply problem.”

Niagara County Chairwoman Becky Wydysh gave a COVID vaccination update this afternoon, informing residents that while the necessary systems to vaccinate quickly are in place on a county level, the supply is not there yet.  “There’s simply not enough vaccine doses coming out right now to be able give to all of those who are eligible and want that vaccination.”  She added, “We’re all feeling that same frustration.  We all know that we want more doses, that we can give more doses, and we’re just not seeing that supply chain open up yet.”

While the vaccination process is moving slower than many residents would like in Niagara County, Wydysh says both vaccine supply and opportunities to expand vaccination efforts are increasing.  Additionally, she announced the soon arrival of a state-run vaccination site at the Conference Center in Niagara Falls.  “We’re told within a week or two, once they get to their full potential, they could be doing as many as 2,000 doses a day, 7 days a week, at that clinic.”  She added that atop of what the new clinic will provide, Niagara County’s Department of Health “has the ability to do 2,500 doses a day once we can get that supply.”

Lastly, Wydysh announced to residents without an internet connection, or trouble using the vaccination appointment websites, that a contract has been reached with ‘211WNY’ in aiding Niagara County residents with navigating any issues. 

If dialing 211 does not work in your region, you can call 1-888-696-9211.