City of Lockport Sets Rules/Dates for 2021 Yard Waste Collection

LOCKPORT — The City of Lockport’s yard waste pickup schedule has been released for 2021.

Weeks with yard waste pickup in 2021 are April 19th-23rd, May 17th-21st, June 21st-25th, July 19th-23rd, August 16th-20th, September 20th-24th.

As a reminder to residents, this set of rules was also released:

  • Place in open containers or paper compostable bags
  • Containers are not to be over 50 lbs., although 35 lbs. is preferred
  • If containers have a solid bottom, drain any rain water prior to placing to
    the street
  • No grass clippings will be picked up!
  • Large branches should be kept separate so they can be picked up by the
  • Don’t place any debris in the street—there is no spring leaf pickup!