Niagara County Leaders Frustrated Over Vaccine Allocations

Niagara County Legislature Chairman Becky Wydysh and Director of Public Health Daniel J. Stapleton today said it does not appear Niagara County will be getting the amount of vaccine doses it expected from New York State.  The county ordered 6,500 doses of vaccine, including 5,000 of Johnson and Johnson.  The county is still expecting a small supply of Moderna. 

“We are disappointed and are working with the state to find out why we didn’t get the requested allotment and more importantly, how we can get more vaccine flowing into Niagara County,” said Wydysh.  “Yes, we are frustrated, but we do not want to lose focus on our goal of getting shots in arms as quickly as possible.” 

Stapleton said the Niagara County Health Department had adjusted their operation in anticipation of the large vaccine delivery, lining up staff and volunteers who were prepared to administer 2,500 shots a day. 

“This is why I have been adamant about not scheduling appointments until we have the vaccine in hand,” said Stapleton.  “As of today, we do not have the vaccine doses that we thought we were getting.” 

Added Stapleton, “I recognize the tremendous effort this undertaking is, and that is why I continue to believe county Health Departments need to be more front and center in this effort.  We are trained for mass vaccinations, we submitted plans to New York State on how it would be done and we are best in tune with the needs of our respective communities.  We can then coordinate with our partners across the community much more efficiently to distribute.”

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