Assemblyman Norris Rebukes Cuomo’s “Contract Extension” on Emergency Powers

Last Friday a bill was passed by the state’s Senate and Assembly, tasked with stripping Governor Andrew Cuomo of his emergency powers. With the Assembly voting 107 to 43 and state Senate voting 43 to 20, Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law. Yet many conservative legislators have expressed concerns that this bill does precisely the opposite of the declared intention.

“Giving Gov. Cuomo a contract extension of his extraordinary powers today by the downstate-driven majorities is completely unacceptable. I voted against it. A full repeal of these powers must be enacted immediately. Though shot down by the majority, I voted for the full repeal measure when this amendment was presented today,” said Assemblyman Mike Norris, R-C-Lockport.

According to Norris, the new law allows Cuomo’s powers to continue in perpetuity, as long as he can connect a new unchecked directive to any emergency law he has already declared.

Norris added, “To all those small business owners and employees struggling to survive, to all the families who are grieving and demanding answers after losing their loved ones in nursing homes and to the parents concerned that their kids continue to be taught remotely or restricted from playing sports or participating in music programs, this legislation changes nothing. This governor will maintain complete control over every aspect of our lives and continue his one-person unfettered rule and micromanagement with no firm expiration date.”