Niagara Aquatics Considered by Common Council to Run Lockport’s Community Pool this Summer

By Anthony Joseph, WNYO Contributor

The Lockport Common Council held their regular workshop meeting last week, entertaining a proposal from Danielle Andalora, Niagara Aquatics Club Owner, to keep the Community Pool open during the summer. This would be done with her organization running and staffing the pool with USA Swimming certified lifeguards and instructors.

This local non-profit program has been run by Andalora since May 2019, with the purpose of providing swimming instructions to kids in the area.  The Niagara Aquatics Club originally used the Lockport High School for its pool, but due to COVID-19 regulations being implemented, they were forced to find a different location for their swim lessons. With the help of Cornerstone Arena Executive Director Shelley Unocic, Andalora was able to find a spot at the arena with an ‘Endless Pool’ installed and continue her community work.

Regarding COVID safety measures, Andalora emphasized studies suggesting COVID is not transmissible in chlorine water, with her group having no incidents since July.  “I saw something on Facebook that the Community Pool was going to be shut down and Joe {1st Ward Joseph Oates} saw my response and I’d be happy to help run your pool,” she said. 

Andalora proposed a few ideas on how this would operate:

  • Times and spaces in the pool for community swims, or specialized lessons for children and adults of the community.
  • “Friday fun nights,” (originally started for the kids at the Country Club swim days).
  • Assistance from the city in maintenance and security of the pool, in exchange for Niagara Aquatics providing lifeguards and instructors.

Reception to Andalora’s proposal was met warmly by Common Council members, with the consensus being a need for future dialogue over the specifics on activities and funding. “I’m pretty confident that our sales tax revenues are going to be pretty good this year, surprisingly. So, I think will be able to pull this off,” Common Council member Oates said in his response.

(WNYO Contributor: Anthony Joseph)

Anthony is a graduate of Buffalo State College and lifelong resident of Lockport.