Legislation to Remove Governor’s Emergency Powers Falls Flat, Ortt Makes Statement on Unanimous Democrat Vote Against Action

Senator Rob Ortt introduced legislation to remove Governor Andrew Cuomo’s emergency powers on Monday, shifting legislators back into a position to better represent their constituents.

Upon the losing the vote, Ortt was vocal in his condemnation of Senate Democrats, who have recently conveyed interest in taking back emergency powers from the Governor in New York. Regardless of past vocalizations for a returning balance of power, this was not reflected within the vote, with every single Senate Democrat voting against Ortt’s proposal yesterday.

Ortt’s Full Statement Below (2/22):

Today, I introduced an amendment to remove the Governor’s emergency powers. This was an opportunity for Senate Democrats to prove that they are not just about talk, but also action.

Last week, 14 of them joined our calls to rescind the Governor’s emergency powers. The legislation I introduced was a bipartisan amendment sponsored by a Senate Democrat.

When the vote came to the floor, every single Senate Democrat voted against the legislation – including the very sponsor of the bill that was introduced. Today was a test for the Senate Democrats to prove they are serious about restoring balance to our state government. They failed this test horribly.