Niagara County DPW Says Do Not Clear Snow into the Road

Niagara County Public Works Commissioner Garret Meal today reminded residents and plow services that depositing snow from driveways and sidewalks into roadways is illegal. 

“The past snowstorm continued a troubling trend of snow being cleared from homes into roadways,” said Meal.  “This is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law 1219 and could result in a ticket and fine.  More importantly, it creates hazardous conditions for drivers.” 

Meal said that if snow is dumped into a roadway in the course of plowing or snow blowing a driveway, there is an obligation to then clear that snow from the road. 

“Our county crews, along with our state and local government counterparts, are doing their best to keep the roads clear during snow events and safe for motorists,” said Dean Lapp, Deputy Commissioner for Highways.  “We ask people to be considerate and not dump snow back onto the roads.”