As North Adam Street Lift Bridge Nears Ten Seasons Closed, Future Remains Unclear says Mayor Roman

The North Adam Street lift bridge has long been a point of contention for many residents and Erie Canal lovers in Lockport, N.Y.  Constructed in 1917 by the Lackawanna Bridge Co. of Buffalo, it was last raised in 2011 and left in that position due to concerns with the bridge’s lifting mechanisms.

(Large pieces of rust flake away from the North Adam Street lift bridge.)

Mayor Michelle Roman, discussing the Adam Street bridge with the WNYObserver last Friday, outlined what is stopping repairs, stating, “I have been trying to get the corporation counsel and department of transportation to work on this bridge. We have a plan to improve the approaches – once we get some grant funding. We cleaned up the brush and overgrown trees inside the fencing they put up, but that is as far as we have gotten to this point. “ 

She added, “We have a rendering for the approaches on both the north and south sides to add them to the trails. So far, the response from the state is it is not on the agenda at this time.”

(The North Adam Street Bridge has been frozen in time for nearly ten years. Closing in 2011, it remains almost completely untended.)

Mayor Roman has been vocal on this bridge in the past, explaining the prolonged wait for repairs in a 2019 Facebook post, saying, “I asked what is preventing it from being repaired and what we can do to make this happen. They (C.C. and D.O.T.) don’t feel this bridge is a priority due to its proximity to the bridge to the east and the bridge to the west.” 

While the Corporation Counsel and Department of Transportation may not see the North Adam Street lift bridge as a logistical obstacle for travelers, the blight runs contradictory to Lockport’s recent efforts in revitalization, making many residents feel it presents an eyesore within Lockport’s Lowertown Historic District.  The area is known for its peaceful surroundings, exercise trails and popular summertime eateries, making this elevated and rusting bridge even more apparent. 

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