Waste Collection Consolidated into 3-Day Schedule in Newfane

Starting February 1, 2021, Modern Disposal Services is consolidating its waste collection to just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the week as opposed to the normal five-day week collection.

The reasoning for these changes are done in the name of efficiency with the
reduction in garbage truck traffic allowing for safer driving conditions and a cleaner environmental footprint throughout the week.

All streets that already have trash pick-up on these three days will not be affected. Streets including Bixler Rd, Hope Ln, Howell Ave, Michelle Dr, Lockport Olcott Rd (houses higher than 2900), and S Main St (houses higher than 2800) will be moved to Monday.

While streets like 1st St, 2nd St, Caledonia St, Dutton Pl, East Ave, Exchange St, Gail Pl, Grace Ave, Hillcrest St, Judy St, King St, Lincoln Ct, Main St (house number 2650 – 2900), Maple Ave, Orchard St, Prospect St, S Main St (house number less than 2800), Sharon Ave, Shaver Hts, The Hts, Tompkins Ct, Van Horn Ave, Walnut St, and West Ave (house number less than 6100) will be moved to Wednesday.

Streets being moved to Wednesday that were on Thursday include: Albert St, Coomer Rd (house numbers 2200 – 2899) Corwin Ave, Edward Ave, Howard Ave, Ide Rd, Karen Ave, Keller Ave, Ketchum Ave, Lockport Olcott Rd (house numbers 2200 – 2600) Main St (house numbers less than 2640), McClew Rd, Merritt Ave, N Main St, Tachi Dr, Transit Rd (house
numbers greater than 2220), W Creek Rd (house numbers greater than 2270) Wallace Ave Westwood Dr, William St, Brown Rd (house numbers less than 3000), Charlotteville Rd, Fuller Rd (house numbers greater than 2280) , Gow Rd, and Hess Rd (house numbers 2270 – 2970)

The remaining Thursday streets which include: Drake Settlement Rd, Dublin Rd, Fuller Rd (house numbers less than 2280), Hess Rd (house numbers 1800 – 2270), Hoffman Rd, Jockey Rd, Phillips Rd, Swigert Rd, Transit Rd (house numbers less than 2220), and W Somerset Rd
West Ave (house numbers greater than 6900) will be moved to Friday.