Letter to the Editor: Amherst Resident Makes Case to Safely Reopen Business

Author: Terri Sams, Amherst Taxpayer and Voter

This past year has been unimaginably difficult for hardworking people across New York. More than 10 months since the first shutdown, we have learned so much, including that blanket shutdowns don’t work. Thankfully the governor acknowledged in his State of the State speech last week that we need to reopen our economy now. New Yorkers couldn’t agree more. 

Here in Western New York, we have worked hard to lower our infection rate over the last month. While once being dangerously close to red zone restrictions, we have slowed the spread and dropped our rolling week average for 20 consecutive days. There are other regions of the state that have higher rates of infection and less hospital capacity but are not stuck in yellow or orange zone restrictions. 

While businesses have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 response, thanks to the CDC, we now know that the increases in cases are actually largely attributable to household gatherings as opposed to indoor businesses. 

Cuomo and other officials need to use this knowledge and the data that reflects our current statistics to loosen the restrictions and allow all our businesses to be open and operate safely. 

Let’s not ignore the knowledge we’ve gained and make it harder on them. We can help curb the spread without destroying livelihoods in the process.