COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted Throughout New York State, Erie and Niagara Counties Included

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a detailed briefing today, informing the majority of New York State residents, that some currently held business and gathering restrictions for orange and yellow zones are to be lifted.

“The rate of transmission—one of the most important numbers—has now declined below one, meaning the virus is no longer spreading quickly. And when those numbers decrease, you can increase economic activity,” Governor Cuomo said. “That decline has extended to Erie County, and we now feel comfortable resuming elective surgeries there and will have more adjustments over the next couple of days.”

Although many designated zones of concern have been dissolved, the Governor says things aren’t going right back to normal. “If you listen to the federal guidance or the CDC — or what we’ve seen here in this state — when you keep the restaurants open late that tends to be more problematic.” The Governor added, “So, at this time, no, we are not changing the curfew at this time.”

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz remarked on the day’s update, saying businesses must follow “Reopening Rules” for their industry:

COVID-19 Information for Businesses | Erie County, NY Department of Health

The regional hospital bed capacity and occupancy numbers, including the number of hospitalizations as a percent of the region’s population, is as follows:

RegionCOVID Patients Currently in Hospital in RegionCOVID Patients as Percent of Region PopulationPercent of Hospital Beds Available Within 7 Days Under Surge Plan
Capital Region5030.05%24%
Central New York2590.03%29%
Finger Lakes7010.06%33%
Long Island1,5940.06%28%
Mohawk Valley2510.05%25%
New York City3,6380.04%31%
North Country970.02%51%
Southern Tier2480.04%43%
Western New York4090.03%34%