Biden and Harris swear-in as President and Vice President

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into office today, filling their positions as the 46th President and 49th Vice President of the United States.

Biden’s inaugural speech to the crowd lasted approximately twenty minutes.

“This is a great nation.  We’re good people.  Over the centuries, through storm and strife; in peace and in war, we’ve come so far, but we still have far to go,” President Biden declared in his speech.

He added, “Now, on this hallowed ground, where just a few days ago, violence sought to shake the capital’s very foundation, we come together as one nation, under god, indivisible, to carry out the peaceful transfer of power as we have more than two centuries.”

During the President’s speech, he emphasized some of the following issues his administration intends to address: COVID-19, job losses, racial justice, climate change, healthcare for all, white supremacy, domestic terrorism, and expanding America’s influence abroad.