WNY business delivers message on united hardship as new year takes hold

Owners at Lake Effect Ice Cream, Erik Bernardi and Jason Wulf, released a detailed message on Facebook, New Year’s Day, emphasizing relief over a departing 2020. Operating multiple locations throughout Erie and Niagara Counties, the popular brand’s New Year’s message made it’s rounds on social media.

“2020 is gone…Thankfully, it’s over.

“The terror and sadness of COVID, the bleak outlook and unprecedented tough times for small business, the removal of human interaction in a time when society was already losing the joy of interacting with others…. COVID shoved us all into a dark place mentally, emotionally and physically.

“We can’t enjoy tailgating and a Bills game with 72,000 WNY friends. We can’t go to a Sabres or Bandits game. We have the Blue Jays playing at Coca Coal field and we aren’t allowed in.

“Wait till the Bills are in the Super Bowl and we can’t be in the stands to watch it. I will still blame that on 2020. But, I will be standing in my living room cheering for Buffalo like I’m there at the game with all of you.

“It’s been hard, but we’ve grown and changed and adapted. Because we’re from Buffalo and that’s what we do when the tough times come.”

“Here at Lake Effect, we have adapted, too. We’ve created new products and changed the way we serve and distribute our ice cream. We are even keeping our Lockport shop open all year, despite COVID, because we know that sometimes an ice cream cone with family is just want you need in these crazy times.

“Know that we will continue to fight to keep Lake Effect going strong and serving our friends and communities. We thank everyone during this trying time who continue to support us and keep us afloat. We are grateful.

“We welcome 2021 and hope for better times this year.”