Niagara County’s Adopted 2021 Budget Gives Increase for Mental Health Assistance

Niagara County’s Legislature was selective in their budgeting increases for 2021, only leaving a few crucial departments to receive more funding than the year before, while many saw substantial decreases in a tough time with limited revenue.

One area experiencing a moderate upswing in funding is Niagara County’s mental health services and contracted professionals.  In total, the department saw an increase of $274,548, jumping from $12,247,558 in 2020 to $12,552,106 for 2021.

The funding will be used by eight different departments and associated partners, as opposed to seven in 2020.  Those include: Mental Health Administration, Community Disaster Crisis Program, Niagara Falls Community Health Center, Mental Health Association, WNYILC, Northpointe Council, Cazenovia Recovery, and Best Self Behavioral Health.

Difference in funding between 2020 and 2021 for Niagara County’s mental health departments.

FEATURE PHOTO: Niagara County Courthouse (Source: Niagara County Clerk’s Facebook page).