Moratorium on Evictions Extended into May throughout New York State

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that a moratorium on evictions will remain in effect until at least May 1.

“We want to make sure that homeowners are protected, and that it doesn’t affect their credit rating,” Cuomo said, adding that he wishes to utilize both executive order authority and cooperation from the state legislature in achieving the objective. 

According to the Governor, “We have an agreement with them (NYS Legislature) on the housing moratorium bill.  We want to get to May 1,and we will see what happens by May.”

Lastly, Cuomo said of the updated Executive Order, “We want to protect tenants; we want to make it simple; we don’t want people evicted; we don’t want them to have to go to court to fight the eviction, but we want to make sure they aren’t committing fraud either.”