Governor Cites Fraud in Vaccination Distribution Process, (Lays Out Heavy Penalties for Healthcare Providers/Professionals)

Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press briefing earlier today, highlighting problems with fraud in the vaccine distribution process.  “The vaccine is a valuable commodity, and you have many people who want the vaccine, and you’ll have fraud in the vaccine process.  It is almost an inevitable function of human nature and of the marketplace.”

The Governor stated at least one health care provider is under scrutiny for accepting a shipment of vaccine doses, and delivering them on a “first come, first serve basis,” according to the provider’s social media post. 

Just days ago, ParCare Community Health Network, operating within Orange County, responded to these allegations, saying, “During these unprecedented times, we have striven to provide critical healthcare services and administer COVID-19 vaccinations to those qualified to receive them under the New York State Department of Health’s guidelines, which includes frontline healthcare workers and first responders.”

The case is currently being reviewed by NYS Attorney General Letitia James.

Governor Cuomo remarked on the case, “We want to send a clear signal to the providers: if you violate the law on these vaccinations, we will find out, and you will be prosecuted.”

In addition, a freshly signed executive order lays out harsh penalties for cases of fraud.  “The executive order I’m going to sign today says a provider could be fined up to a million dollars and revocation of all state licenses,” Cuomo said.