President Trump Signs $900 Billion COVID Relief Package

President Donald Trump signed a $900 Billion COVID relief bill on Sunday evening, which allocates a minority portion towards $600 checks for any American citizen making beneath 75k per year.  The bill took heat upon its arrival last Tuesday, after public dissent prompted the President to suggest payments of $2,000 per citizen, while also calling the initial legislation a “disgrace.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi welcomed the idea of $2,000 in financial relief to assist struggling Americans, quickly bringing an amended version of the bill for vote.  The idea was quickly struck down by House Republicans a day before Christmas. 

Trump said earlier this week from a briefing room in the White House: “It’s called the COVID Relief Bill, but has almost nothing to do with COVID.”

Many on social media have suggested too much funding went towards special interest projects on both sides of the aisle, with not enough focus on the American people.