Newfane Supervisor Unloads on Congress Over Subpar Relief Bill

Newfane Town Supervisor Timothy Horanburg’s Full Statement:

Over my past 30+ years as your Supervisor, I have never been as disgusted with our Federal Government, (Republicans and Democrats) as I am right now.

They have sold out the American people with this so called “stimulus” package that was just approved. There are millions and millions of dollars going to Foreign Governments that hate America, such as $23,000,000 to Pakistan for a gender study, fisheries studies, and billions going to organizations in the United States that have nothing to do with COVID. Additionally, there are millions going to illegal immigrants, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 6000 pages of this nonsense in this bill, yet they can only give a piddly amount to the American people, $600 per person.

There is nothing to help the American restaurants that are barely holding on or are going out of business, the small businesses that are struggling through this pandemic.

There is NOTHING to help Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages that are going broke due to no fault of our own, yet they (Our Representatives) can send BILLIONS to Foreign Governments.

President Trump says that he is going to veto this Stimulus Package until it is amended to include more money for the American people. It doesn’t need to be amended, it needs to be stopped until ALL MONEY is removed for foreign Governments and U.S. organizations, etc., that have nothing to do with the COVID Pandemic.

How can our Representatives justify, in a so called “COVID Stimulus Package”, sending YOUR tax money to Foreign Governments and Organizations that have NOTHING to do with the COVID Pandemic, when so many people, businesses and local Governments in the U.S. are going broke.

Just look around the Country at the local food lines. People are starving, and we are sending millions and millions of their tax dollars to Foreign Governments for ridiculous reasons.


PLEASE contact our local Federal Representatives to express your dissatisfaction with their behavior:

Congressman Chris Jacobs 716- 634-2324

Sen. Charles Schumer 716- 846-4111

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand 716-854-9725

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