Governor Cuomo Signs New York Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2020 into Law

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Tuesday signed the New York Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2020 (S.8806 / A.8280C) into law, requiring designated State agencies to establish an automatic voter registration system as proposed by the Governor in State of the State in 2019 and 2020.

“The right to vote is one of, if not the most, sacred pillars of our democracy and for too long, bureaucratic red tape has made it unnecessarily difficult for New Yorkers to exercise this right,” Governor Cuomo said.

He added, “From instituting early voting to making necessary reforms to the absentee ballot process, New York has already made elections more accessible, but we are far from finished. With this new law on the books, we are taking this work a step further and not only instituting automatic voter registration, but creating a single uniform platform for registering online.”