Athletes Unleashed Authorized to Fully Reopen After State Supreme Court Ruling

ERIE COUNTYAthletes Unleashed, a fitness center based in Orchard Park, has been permitted to reopen at full capacity after a ruling from the New York State Supreme Court today.

According to District Attorney Paul Cambria, Judge Paul Wojtaszek removed the 25% capacity limit set for the gym.

Recently, Athletes Unleashed set the scene for a November viral video of Erie County DOH workers confronting patrons, concerned community members, and business owners at a meeting within the establishment. The video spread throughout the country, being featured on multiple national outlets.

Today’s ruling is a win in court after owner, Robby Dinero, was fined $15,000 for the November gathering at his establishment.

Speaking with Channel 4 News in November, Dinero said, “There is no standard. There’s no rhyme or reason. I am personally very glad that martial arts studios get to be open. Gymnastics studios get to be open, dance studios, I think that’s awesome. I’m glad Walmart gets to be open because Walmart employs a lot of people, Target Etc. How are they any different from this gym?”