Lockport Peacemakers Donate Holiday Dinners for Families in Need

LOCKPORT — The Lockport Peacemakers held a turkey dinner and groceries giveaway today at the Refuge Temple of Christ on Heritage Court. In total, led by the peacemakers, members of the school system, local police department, and political representatives aided in the distribution of these supplies.

The self-described faith-based organization strives not only to open a line of communication between law enforcement and community residents, but to respond on scene to incidents of aggression between residents and help neutralize the situation before it potentially turns violent.

In this instance, Lockport Peacemakers used their organizational efforts to make the holidays a little bit easier for area residents.

(Peacemaker and LPD Officer work to feed families in Lockport on Saturday.) (Photo Credit: Lockport Police Department.)

Ezra Scott Jr., Head Coordinator of the Niagara Falls chapter of Western New York Peacemakers, helped establish the Lockport based division earlier this year.  In a September meeting at Outwater Park, multiple Lockport residents gathered with the interest of joining the group.  Scott described what the Peacemakers are all about, stating, “You see these yellow shirts, you’re going to know that is a person of positivity.  Someone you can go to for support and help.” 

(September meeting of the Niagara Falls and Lockport Peacemakers at Outwater Park.) (Photo Credit: WNYOBSERVER)

City of Lockport Mayor Michelle Roman conveyed her gratitude on social media, stating, “Thank you to all the volunteers and donors. Lockport Peacemakers and Paula Halladay did a great job with their friends at the church and within the community, including a couple of principals from the LHS and North Park.”

FEATURE PHOTO: Lockport Peacemakers gather for a photo in between donating food to local residents for the holidays.

FEATURE PHOTO CREDIT: Lockport Peacemakers Facebook page.

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