Clarence Assault Under Investigation by Erie County Sheriff’s Office After Recording Goes Viral

A video on social media, showing a violent assault at what appears to be a gathering of teens within a Clarence home, was addressed by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. 

The different clips timelining the attack show a teen, incoherently speaking, being struck by other teens within a home as he lays on the floor.  The boy, who is limp and barely moving, was then thrown from the bedroom window, landing outside, out of frame.  The last clip shows the same teen standing in a yard, bloody and swollen, but upright on his own two feet.

A series of accusations swarming social media have asserted the reason for conflict, but any motive has yet to be confirmed by the ECSO.  The sheriff’s office did mention the victim’s medical condition, stating, “Deputies can confirm that victim sustained injury, sought medical treatment, and was released.  Many of the injuries detailed in social media posts are greatly exaggerated or even false.”

According to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, the incident was reported to take place on December 12th in the Town of Clarence.

Due to the graphic nature of the video, and young ages of both the victim and perpetrators, WNYO will not be displaying any video or images from Saturday’s assault in Clarence. The case remains under investigation by the ECSO and Erie County District Attorney’s Office. We will update you as more information is made available.