First Vaccination Delivered to Frontline Worker in New York Today

This morning, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo virtually joined Northwell Health President and CEO Michael Dowling, Northwell Health Director of Employee Health Services Dr. Michelle Chester and Long Island Jewish Medical Center ICU Nurse Sandra Lindsay for the first administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m., Dr. Chester administered the vaccine to Ms. Lindsay, a frontline health care worker eligible to receive the vaccine under Phase 1 of New York’s Vaccine Distribution Plan. The vaccine was developed by New York-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer and authorized by the FDA and New York’s Clinical Advisory Task Force late last week.

Governor Cuomo addressed the moment, stating, “The federal government approved the vaccine. We then had a separate panel that also approved the vaccine and we’ve been following the science all along. I hope this gives you, and the healthcare workers who are battling this every day, a sense of security and safety and a little more confidence in doing your job once the second vaccine has been administered.”

FEATURE PHOTO: Sandra Lindsay, ICU Nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens Receives First Vaccine in Nation.