Medina Fire Department Delivers Update on COVID Positive Cases Amongst Staff


Just wanted to provide some follow up on our press release last week regarding some of our members contracting COVID-19. We ended up with a sixth firefighter becoming symptomatic and testing positive late last weekend.

Five out of the six were symptomatic and no one required hospitalization. The first five are set to be coming off their isolation period soon and will be coming back to work as per Health Department regulations. The sixth firefighter will be off a little more time due to testing positive later than the others.

We need everyone to realize this isn’t over for us or anyone else. Maintain social distancing, wear masks and wash your hands frequently to help prevent contracting this. Even if you do all of that, you can be exposed, we know but, it helps in the prevention. We would like to thank everyone for their support during this.

The emergency calls didn’t stop. We handled a multitude of calls during this time, some extremely critical and complex. We couldn’t have done this without the remaining members stepping up and pitching in to fill the absences.

Once again, teamwork and cooperation made our department shine. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season for everyone!