Albion Man Arrested for Homemade Garage Fireworks that Ignited Neighborhood Last Weekend

A 56-year-old Albion man, Gary Tarr, has been arrested and released with an appearance ticket after a garage fire last weekend ignited his home and the neighbor’s home on either side of his property.  According to local law enforcement, Tarr was illegally developing fireworks from his garage.  Upon testing a new creation, his garage caught fire and spread from there.

Gary Tarr of Albion, N.Y.

Gary Tarr, 56, has been charged with:

  • Five counts of reckless endangerment
  • Three counts of fourth degree arson
  • Three counts of criminal mischief
  • Three counts of reckless endangerment of property

“His intent was to make further fireworks, but ultimately what our investigation revealed is he created several explosive devices,” Albion Police Chief Ronald Nenni told reporters Friday.  “We’ve also learned that some of these devices may have a fuse put in them that have an extremely fast burn rate.”

Chief Nenni also informed Albion residents that Tarr often passes his fireworks around the Village of Albion.  If you have one, Chief Nenni said to report the device to local police, as these fireworks use quickly combustible compounds with shorter than normal fuse rates. 

Nenni said, “From the point you ignite it, it will immediately detonate and exploded. We’re asking anybody in the community that has these devices or knows anybody that has these devices, to contact 911.”