Niagara/Orleans BOCES Students Get Hands On Experience with Exotic Species

Animal Science teacher Paige Hungerford recently had a guest at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center.  John Bateman, an instructor of Environmental Conservation at Finger Lakes Community College, gave the students some hands-on exposure to exotic species.

“My students are learning about exotic animals such as birds, reptiles, rodents, etc.,” says Mrs. Hungerford. “Mr. Bateman shared his collection of animal furs, skulls and products that were made from exotic animals. His collection comes from confiscated items by authorities, who donate them to the college for learning purposes.”

Serenity Baumgart (Medina) with a wolf pelt.

Students learned about minks whose colors change depending on the season, white in winter and brown in the summer. It helps them to hide from predators. The students saw a python skin that was over six feet in length. They also examined sheds from cervids, which are mammals who possess antlers such as deer, elk and moose. Mr. Bateman also showed them a skunk pelt, wolf pelt and coyote pelt and talked about how they were made into clothes and trophies.

FEATURE PHOTO: Lillian Mathes (Albion), Mr. John Bateman, Zoeya Berning (Newfane), Olivia Meyers (Newfane) and Amber Keifer (Lyndonville).