In Op-Ed, Governor Cuomo says Schools are Safest Place to be According to the Data

In an article published by Newsday, Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed his positive outlook on New York State school’s and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Governor noted, “During the year, we have done hundreds of thousands of COVID tests in our schools. Without exception, in every part of the state, the infection rate in schools is lower than the surrounding community; in fact very low.”

According to Governor Cuomo, infection rates on average are under 3%.  Within yellow zones, where community spread is more than 5.3%, school infection rates are a fraction. 

In Massapequa Park, for example, the Governor reported a community infection rate of 6.6% contrasted by the area school system at 3.5%.  In New Hyde Park, the community infection rate is 3.4% while the school rate is 1.8%.  The Governor additionally listed a few other examples with similar datapoints. 

“As any parent knows, schools are usually places where illnesses spread easily. But in the case of COVID, the safest place in the community is truly the school,” the Governor said in his Newsday op-ed.

The Governor believes this difference in cases reported by communities as a whole and their embodied school systems is due to extra vigilance with social distancing and hand washing.