WNY Artist Presents Portraits Promoting Awareness of Mental Health Disorders

Caspar Snyder, an art student attending her final semester at Buffalo State College, developed a display dedicated to manifesting a minds eye image of varying mental disorders. Her work, located at ART 247 on Market Street in Lockport, drew curious visitors to engage with the creations. “The pieces have a focus on mental health and exuding a physical representation,” Snyder remarked.

“The Wretched”
(Left): “Itch” – (Right): “Intrusive”
(Left): “Trou Normand” – (Right): “Mycelium”
(Left): “Pay Attention” – (Right): “Mortuus Intus”

According to Snyder, her creations took roughly two weeks to complete. The work is scheduled to be on display at ART 247 in Lockport until December 17th.