Marines Make Stop at Niagara/Orleans BOCES, Help Train Security and Law Enforcement Students

Members of the US Marine Corp worked with Security and Law Enforcement students at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center in recent days.  Students from both Ms. Croff’s and Ms. Traver’s classes utilized the in-person training with security professionals to better understand what it takes to succeed in that field.  “Physical fitness is something that is stressed in our program,” said Croff, adding, “That is the top reason why students fail out of the military or the police academy.  This is why we focus on physical training and bring in guests to work with our students too.”

The Marine Corps physical fitness test measures the battle-readiness of each Marine once a year with a focus on stamina and physical conditioning.  Their test usually consists of pull-ups or push-ups, crunches or plank pose and a three-mile run.  Staff Sergeant Steve R. Calzada and Staff Sergeant Christophe Bradfuhrer ran drills with juniors and senior students while discussing the physical demands of the military. 

“We are grateful for them working with our students.  It was a good challenge and extremely tough physically and mentally for them,” said Croff.  Student, Marcelina Vazquez, won a Marine goodie bag for excelling in physical training.  He remarked on the experience, “I thought the exercises were really tough, but I really enjoyed the workout and I am looking forward to doing it again.” 

Croff and Traver say the main lesson they want students to learn from these trainings is not to quit and to stick it out no matter how hard things get.  “Being a team is essential to this class,” both teachers agreed, adding, “We start as a team and we will finish as a team.”