NCSO Refuses Governor’s Order to Break Up Thanksgiving Gatherings in Violation of Mandates

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, many citizens in Western New York are curious as to how local law enforcement will respond to Governor Cuomo’s mandate of no more than 10 people attending any particular holiday gathering.

“We’re seeing upticks in violent crime in this county, domestic violence, overdoses….I have limited resources here so I have to prioritize what I’m addressing,” Niagara County Sheriff Michael Filicetti said to WGRZ last week.  He added, “As far as counting cars in a driveway or going up and knocking on someone’s door, I don’t know how we can feasibly do that.”

Sheriff Filicetti, while not actively seeking gatherings in violation of the Governor’s mandate, will respond to calls made on gatherings by other residents.  Expanding on what that may look like, he remarked, “If we responded to that type of complaint, we can certainly advise a homeowner of what the new protocol is. But as far as taking enforcement action, I just don’t see that.”

Lastly, Filicetti relayed to WGRZ that this pullback on enforcement, in part, is because his department has yet to receive any enforcement guidelines from the state when it comes to gatherings in private homes.