Cuomo Says WNY Has not Lived “Full Pain” of COVID, Compares Area to South Dakota

“Western New York never lived the full pain of COVID’s wrath,” Governor Andrew Cuomo remarked today, during a “personal opinion” update in combination with his regular release of COVID and guideline information.  In his opinion, the Governor says, “Western New York read about New York City, they read about Long Island, they watched it on the T.V.- News, but the numbers were never as bad in Western New York.”

New York City, with a tightly packed population far exceeding 8 million people, was hit harder than any other population center in the United States, unsurprisingly.  Erie County, with over 700 deaths and 18,000 cases, in the Governor’s opinion, is not enough for Western New Yorker’s to really understand COVID’s “full pain.”

“It wasn’t real because it wasn’t real to me.  You want to know when it becomes real?  When it’s real to me,” Cuomo said, imitating his perception of an “upstate” New Yorker.  He added, “I get it was real in New York City, but I’m in Buffalo.  Buffalo is much different than New York City, and it wasn’t real to me.  Like South Dakota, I believe that.”