Roy B. Kelley Students in Lockport Create Rainbow Mural Using Self-Portraits

Elementary students at Roy B. Kelley School in Lockport finished some self-portraits this week, using assigned colors to compose their drawings, students created a collaborative rainbow mural.  The project itself was inspired by author Ted Parr and his book “It’s Okay to be Different.”  According to Miss Korchowsky, Roy B. Kelley’s elementary art teacher, “This teaches about diversity and acceptance.”

In order to make this mural happen, students and staff were divided into teams or a “house” within the school where they interacted with people they normally would not during the school day.  Korchowsky said, “This promotes a sense of family and community with all students.  What a rainbow of diversity this self-portrait is!”

A mural of monochromatic self-portraits created by students at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School in Lockport.