Kenan Center Teams Up with Parker’s Pit for Soccer Shootout Fundraiser

The Kenan Center and Parker’s Pit came together Wednesday night in a creative way, platforming a space to get some barbeque and compete in a soccer shootout.  The winners, for varying divisions based on age, receiving gift certificates to Mark’s Pizzeria.  Additionally, all funding raised will benefit upkeep and program development at the Kenan Center.

“It’s just another thing we are trying to do, since we are limited in our number of how many visitors we can bring in.  We’re just trying something on a smaller, more controlled scale,” said Kenan Center Sports and Recreation Manager, Rick Ruhmel.  He added, “We’re just excited to bring people in and give them something to do.”

Mark Bruning, Owner at Parker’s Pit on Route 104 in Middleport, offered his services to the Kenan Center, providing a place to purchase some delicious barbeque outside the event.  The establishment has made traveling sales from their mobile kitchen a significant part of the business model in recent months, adapting to what is currently an unpredictable environment. 

Bruning said he was happy to hop on board with the Kenan Center, and appreciative of the customers coming out, stating, “I’d like to thank everyone that came out.  Everyone that supported the Kenan Center, supported Parker’s Pits, and I hope we do it again soon.  So, stay safe and stay healthy.”