Medina Skate Society Unveils Design for Luke Nelson Skatepark

The Medina Skate Society unveiled designs for a new $550,000 skatepark over the weekend, with plans on display at the Lee Whedon Memorial Library.  The skatepark’s cost will be, in part, covered by a $250,000 Tony Hawk & Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation grant, contingent upon matching funds from the Medina Skate Society in order to receive the full amount.  The Tony Hawk Foundation, which recently rebranded as the Skate Park Project, pitched in an additional $50,000. 

The new skatepark, which will be named the Luke Nelson Skatepark, is dedicated to the loss of a friend to the local skating community who passed away on April 22nd, 2017.  Alex Feig, lead organizer at the Medina Skate Society, remarked, “The last conversation I had with him was about the skatepark and how he wanted to fix it up.”

According to Feig, the campaigning process to build a new skatepark has been an arduous one, but after securing such a large grant, the local community’s interest peaked along with donations.  He explained, “Ever since we got the grant, we’ve been successful with all of our fundraisers, and we have had some very generous residents come forward to donate large sums towards the project.”  To date, Medina Skate Society has raised $230,000. They require a full $250,000 to match the grant and receive the total amount offered. The timeline in place gives the group until November 30th to obtain the remaining difference of $20,000.

With funding so close to hitting the targeted amount, Feig feels the finish line has nearly arrived, declaring, “It’s like we we’re led by divine providence.  It’s something that is definitely meant to be. It will create a lasting legacy for Luke, his family, and a lasting impact on the community for generations.”

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Design developed by Spohn Ranch Skateparks in Los Angeles, California.
Design developed by Spohn Ranch Skateparks in Los Angeles, California.