Local Author Clarifies History at St Patrick’s and Glenwood Cemeteries, All Proceeds Going Towards Restoration

“I want to help these cemeteries get back to where they need to be,” said local historian and author, Shelley Richards, during a book signing yesterday at the Niagara County Historical Society in Lockport.  Richards’ most current releases: St Patrick’s Cemetery: A Glimpse into its History and the People Buried There Volume II, and Glenwood Cemetery: A Glimpse into its History and the People Buried there Volume I, provides readers with a finetuned timeline for these cemeteries, and some of their more notable occupants.

With the two cemeteries covered in Richards’ newest books containing the resting spots of her ancestors, this project is a personal one.  The proceeds from these books are donated fully to the restoration of the cemeteries Richards’ writes about.  She explained, “That’s why I originally wrote the books.  I wasn’t able to make a donation, but I wanted to help because members of my family are buried in each of these cemeteries.  I said to myself: How can I donate more money than I usually would from just my bank account?  So, I wrote these books, and all my profits go to the cemeteries.”

From her first book on St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Richards was able to donate $5,000 to the location’s upkeep and preservation. A few noted contributors to Richards’ work include: Mary Ann Cutter,  Jennifer Neithe and Michael Nieth.

(Shelley Richards discusses her book with local readers.)

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