Filicetti to Remain Niagara County Sheriff after Decisive Victory

Michael Filicetti has officially made the transition from Acting Sheriff to Sheriff upon a sweeping election win in Niagara County on Tuesday evening.

After initially accepting the position of Acting Sheriff, upon his predecessor’s retirement, Filicetti has become a visible component in community life. He has hosted socially distanced events throughout the area to interact with and mentor the county’s youth, and frequently utilizes his department to aid in food donation giveaways for those in need.

Sheriff Michael Filicetti working with WNY Heroes, INC. in August for a veterans food giveaway in Sanborn.

Filicetti soundly defeated Brian Grear for the position, pulling in 76,351 votes or 91.6% of the electorate. (This does not include absentees or affidavits).

Filicetti remarked on his win, stating, “I would like to thank the voters of Niagara County for their support in making me their 57th Sheriff of Niagara County. I am truly humbled and promise to serve with honor and integrity.”