Medina High School Announces Change to Hybrid Learning Model, Wednesdays Going Full Virtual in November

MEDINA – Superintendent Mark Kruzynski has announced alterations to the hybrid learning model currently in place at the local high school.  Emphasizing a lack of connection between students opting for 100% virtual learning and their teachers, Kruzynski said, “On a typical day, a secondary teacher with 100 students assigned to them will teach 33 students throughout the course of the day, and then have 60 minutes at the end of the day to reach out, connect, and work with the 67 students they have who are virtual that day. Continuing to operate this way without making changes is a recipe for failure. Quite simply, it is impossible to connect with that many students during office hours.” 

With a third of the student population opting for full-virtual learning, the school’s administration felt a change was required.  Here is what that change looks like:

Effective Monday, November 16, the instructional model at Medina High School (Grades 7-12) will be changing to a 2-1-2 Hybrid Model.

Students on the Blue team will attend school on MONDAY AND THURSDAY

– Students on the Red team will attend school on TUESDAY AND FRIDAY

– Wednesdays will be a 100% Virtual Learning Day

100% Virtual Students will remain 100% virtual.

For educators engaging in virtual learning with students, Kruzynski said, “Teachers will be expected to connect with their students virtually, synchronously, during the time their classes would normally be scheduled. Meets can be scheduled for students for class discussions, check-ins, collaborations, or whatever is needed in the professional judgement of the teacher. Additionally, our counselors will be able to visit the homes of students who need home visits.”

These changes are only to the high school.  The current learning models at Oak Orchard Elementary and Wise Middle School will not be altered.