Lockport’s Mayor Roman Gives Statement on Trick-or-Treating this Halloween

Full Statement from City of Lockport Mayor Michelle Roman:

“Although our City is doing quite well in keeping our COVID-19 numbers low, we must continue to be proactive and consider all CDC guidelines for Halloween this year.  New York’s Governor Cuomo has left the decision to each individual municipality with regard to whether or not trick or treating will be permitted during the pandemic, and I have chosen to allow same.

“Although the CDC has indicated that they are not recommending door -to -door trick or treating, I feel our community can stay safe doing so with the following restrictions in place:

(1) Please stay in your own neighborhood to trick-or-treat;

(2) Please wear a mask (appropriate for COVID guidelines, not costume masks), and gloves while trick-or-treating;

(3) If you choose to go door to door, hours are strictly set for 4pm-7pm

(4) Residents passing out candy should wear a mask and are encouraged to also distance as best as possible while handing out candy

“I hope that all our residents stay safe and stay healthy and enjoy the Halloween festivities.”